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Hotels in Piazza Santa Maria Novella

The style and class of Why The Best Hotels are revealed with the new concept of the Garibaldi Blu Hotel in Piazza Santa Maria Novella: a format based on the concept of "two-in-one" that by joining the Garibaldi to the adjacent Hotel Rosso 23 builds around all guests a wide frame in which two different souls coexist through the sharing of common areas and of individual peculiarities that at the Garibaldi Hotel are characterized by a modern design and the unmistakable style of WTB. 

Anyone who decides to book a vacation at Garibaldi Blu Hotel Florence in Santa Maria Novella's square will have the opportunity to experience the Tuscan capital from a location of extraordinary comfort (the pedestrian center and train station are in fact no more than one block away) and absolute visual impact, thanks to the refined architecture of the nineteenth-century Florentine art that beautifully blends with the latest technological amenities. 

Therefore, if you love the charm of the most sought exclusive boutique hotels and appreciate the ability to bring together different souls to give birth to a new and innovative creation, the Garibaldi Blu Hotel is certainly the best solution for your needs. If you are planning a visit to Florence do not be groped to book elsewhere: choose without delay the Garibaldi Blu Hotel in Florence Santa Maria Novella.